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    Ed Centanni

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    Ed Centanni

    Printing the Plans

    I started the Vulture project by downloading the plans. I put the pdf file on a USB thumb drive and took them to the local Staples and had them printed full size. If you have a large format print service in your area, printing them this way saves time over pasting letter sized paper together and assures accuracy.

    Being a veteran of having pdf plans printed I measured a section of the pdf to check against the print to be sure that when the plan is printed it is NOT scaled and is full size. If they are not printed correctly, show them the problem and ask to do it again — NOT SCALED. One place in Virginia did it three times before they caught on. You only need pay for the copy you take with you.

    Drawing the Parts on the foamboard

    The next task I did was to draw each component out of the foamboard. I started by cutting each piece out of the printed plan to lay on the foamboard for drawing the part’s outline. When I lay the plan part down I used a piece of painter’s tape to hold it in position so drawing the part’s outline is easy and accurate.

    I drew the curved areas using the plan piece as a guide but I drew only the corners of straight lines.

    Then I used a ruler or long straight edge to draw the straight lines instead of relying on the accuracy of my plan cut.

    When I finished the foamboard looked like this:

    Cutting out the parts:

    Cutting the parts was straightforward. I used a finger knife for the curved parts, a regular Xacto pencil knife and the Xacto foamboard knife (I call it the Jedi Light Saber for foamboard) for the other parts. The foamboard knife has adjustable depth cutting that makes scoring and cavity cuts a breeze.

    It also helps to keep the cuts straight and perpendicular and not slanted to one side. You can put a second blade on the other side and cut both sides of the cavity at the same time — perfectly sized cavity cuts.

    After the parts were cut I used the plan pieces as guides to add the score lines, cavity lines, bevel lines, and reference marks to the foamboard parts.

    Next post I will continue with the actual build using the prepared parts.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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