2022 Inaugural

Hangar RC Community Build-Off

You like to build airplanes and always dreamed about seeing your creation as a laser cut kit? Now is your chance to make this dream a reality while also coming together with the community in an epic RC plane design contest!

The 2022 Inaugural Hangar RC Community Build-Off is here to inspire your creativity and ingenuity. Your task is to design the coolest RC plane in the world. There are no limitations, except that it has to be built from a maximum of 4 sheets of foamboard to make sure that every contestant is working with similar material. To give both the crazy advanced and the simple, beginner friendly designs a chance at winning, we are running two categories, one for beginners, where easy building and flying are key and one for the pros where you can go nuts and show off your build skills. There will be two winners, one from each category.

After the submission deadline, all entries will be reviewed and the winners will be announced on YouTube. The winners will receive laser cut kits of their designs and, if they want, can make it an actual product in The Hangar RCs lineup. All proceeds from sales will be donated to youth organizations or RC clubs across the USA. 


These are the people who made this buildoff possible.

The Aviation RC Noob Podcast

Learn to fly with us, one crash at a time.

The RC Afterhours Podcast

The RC community, industry and a little humor in between

The Rules

Noob Category:  

Preliminary design shall employ the use of:

Standard A, B and/or C fold techniques

Bonded by hot glue or other foam safe bonding agent. 

Very limited foam bending shall be allowed for aesthetics (canopy, fastbacks).  

The use of poster board is acceptable.  

Wings shall be crafted such that the inherent design self corrects to stable flight from a banking turns. (Dihedral or polyhedral may be preferential in aspect.) Wing form shall utilize fold over design techniques with appropriate spar or KFm foils). For this competition, please keep to monoplane designs. 

Motor/prop configuration shall be at the discretion of the designer. However, designs shall ultimately be judged on their inherent stability on all axes. Flight characteristics should fall into the realm of medium speed, docile handling

Landing gear are optional.

Pro Category: 

Advanced RC plane design requirements: 

Use of any build techniques from the Noob Category

Advanced build techniques (including, but not limited to: use of formers and molded foam board, multiple wings or complex empennage, build techniques that require enhanced skill to construct or ultimately fly

Wings may employ use of, in design, anhedral, dihedral, polyhedral or annular form

The more bodacious the design the better

What you are playing for:

We ultimately seek to ignite a strong sense of report between community members through friendly competition. You are most importantly playing for bragging rights. But on top of being king of the scratch build hill, you will receive a laser cut kit of your airframe (courtesy of the Hangar RC) and the chance to have your kit commercially produced. All proceeds from sales will be donated to Youth Organizations or RC clubs across the USA.

Build Resources:

Build Materials: foamboard (4 sheets of foam board, Max), poster board (1 sheet)

One (1) 2212 1400kv brushless motor

9g servos

Control horns, Firewall (plywood or 3d printed)

Push rods

No flight controllers (must be stable enough to fly without)

Requirements for submission:

Must have plans available (if going to be available as a kit)

Build/Construction Pictures/Videos

Flight Pictures/Videos

Timeline for submission:

You will have 10 weeks to design, build, fly, crash, and refine your design. After submissions are received, there will be a two week public voting period that will allow members of the community to vote for their favorite design. The winner will be announced after voting has closed.

January 1st – we’ll begin accepting submissions 

March 15th – submission deadline

April 1st – Online judging by peers begins


Email Submissions to including Name, Contact information, Name of Airframe, Brief Description of airframe, Plans, Pictures/Videos to buildoff@thehangarrc.com